Ikea countertops reviews

When you are buying a kitchen you can check for Ikea countertops if you haven’t decide what kind of countertop you want to have yet. Ikea countertops are made from different materials and are very affordable. This website will give you more specific information about countertops from Ikea, how to buy when, how to install them and how to take care of them to make them last longer.

Wooden Ikea countertops

The most natural material for countertop is wood. Wood gives a very warm touch to the kitchen and it doesn’t matter if you have an Ikea kitchen or you have bought it somewhere else or even made it yourself. If you decide for Ikea countertops from solid wood there are many options what can you do with it. You can even cut it to your desired length if they don’t have the length you want. As in any wood products it is the same with wooden Ikea countertops that you will have to take good care of it. If you want to clean it just use soft wet cloth and a little bit of detergent to clean it. To preserve it even longer it is recommended to Behandla wood treatment oil. Behandla protects the wood inside and outside and should be applied from time to time. When light stains appear use the same procedure with a wet cloth or soft sandpaper.

Other materials for countertops

There are also other materials for Ikea countertops. Very popular is laminate countertop which is heat, scratch and moisture resistant. It is also very easy to clean. If you are not satisfied with these materials you can shop around for other countertops materials like stone, marble, ceramic or concrete.

Double sided Ikea countertops

Double sided Ikea countertops are something special because you can turn them around and have to different laminate countertops. Two strips on the edges are also included in all Ikea countertops.

The price of Ikea countertops depends on the material and the size of it. Laminate countertops are from $59 but you can also get them cheaper on any sale or discount. Ikea countertops with two sided are around $79. Wooden countertops are a little bit more expensive and can cost you around $120 to $190. But be patient and wait for the right time and you can get it for the same price as laminate countertops.

Because buying a kitchen is a big investment and you will be spending quite some time there if you like to cook make sure to buy countertop that looks good in your kitchen and is useful too. Wooden Ikea countertops can cost a little more but are worth the money and if you are lucky you can even buy them for the same price as laminate one.

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